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You are a researcher, which means you have original ideas, which have the theoretical potential and practical application and can be the basis of the complete scientific work.

But one, even a revolutionary, idea is not enough. Science is labor-intensive. No outbursts, no commitment can replace daily work for a talented researcher. Information and time are the most important resources for any research. However, the modern scientist is often limited in them due to various reasons.

As a Latin expression says, “Doctus docto amicus est – scientist to scientist is a friend (assistant)». Choosing an assistant and an associate becomes a key factor in the success of any scientific endeavor.

I am an independent scientific adviser, a graduate lawyer with years of experience in scientific consultancy.

I help develop and implement unique research projects in the field of law and economics. Bachelor’s degree of the interpreter allows me to conduct project activities in a multilingual format.

I provide my clients with complete information support in the preparation of dissertations and monographs, research papers and theses, conducting analytical and statistical studies.

My partners are students, graduate students and professors of the leading Russian universities such as the Lomonosov MSU, Higher School of Economics, G.V. Plekhanov RUE, O.E. Kutafin Moscow State Law University and more.

Take the first step to our cooperation.

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